Top Free Music Streaming Apps - Streaming Killed the radio star


There's no better feeling than rolling down your windows, turning up the volume on your radio and cruising down the highway.

Growing up, one of the best experiences I had was doing exactly that. I love listening to the radio, from morning shows to evening shows - to late night talk radio.

Back then it was just terrestrial radio. We didn't even have satellite radio. When Sirius and XM Radio came out, it was a game changer.

Then the iPhone came out. And then music apps came out. Streaming has sure changed the radio landscape for good. From Spotify to Prime music, even Grooveshark.

Grooveshark was the original open source streaming service on the web, but the TRUE original was Napster. 

We're not going to go down that rabbit hole today, but stay tuned.

I've asked the App Store A.I. to pick the top streaming apps for your phones.

Check them out below!

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